Note to Self (56) Look at me

I wrote this song a long time ago, as the aftermath of a fight.


Look at me

And tell me what you see

I am not the one you can lie to

Come to me

I feel the pain that’s in your heart

And I can see tears in your eyes

Quit fighting I don’t believe your lies

Give me your hand I can show you

The way to a better us, to a better you

All this sadness that’s been anchored deep inside you

Will go away as long as you want it to

Open your eyes and look at me

And tell me what you see

It’s killing me to know you wanna be away from me

Don’t let your anger destroy the love we have for each other

Don’t let the pain fill up your heart with hatred

I promise you we’ll always be together

Because it is our fate

Look at me

And tell me what you see

All the love I have for you

Is growing each day stronger

Look at you

I’ll tell you what I see

All the love we shared, all this passion we learned to live with

It is my air you wanna take away,

It is my life you wanna kill

Your words don’t mean anything to me

Stop fighting the demons inside you

And let me open the doors of my heart to you

Everything will feel like a new heaven

And the rebirth of you and me

If you let me take you

Look at me

And forget what you see

Tell me what you feel

Everything will be ok

Because you have me

Because I have you

And I love you.


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