Note to Self (5)

So I guess I did it. I found the secret. It feels incredible to finally be in control again. I got rid of everything I did not need in my life, the bad, the negative, the difficult and oppressing, and I replaced it with, well, I’m trying to replace it with lots of positive and good, of course. But it takes time. Lots of it. So I maybe don’t see the effects of my actions paying off yet, but I can tell, I can sense, that it’s working out. I mean, I am not worse than I was yesterday. I actually am better, even if I bitch sometimes and feel lonely… I got a solution to cure my loneliness… I got cats.

For the rest, well only time will tell. I can’t make things go faster just because I’m impatient.

If I continue like this, I’ll be just fine. Just you watch.

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