Note to Self (27) and to the Teenager Version of Me

I felt lazy today. I had the best intentions to work on my novel, but my lazy sleepy cats looked so cute doing nothing, I decided not to do anything myself. When guilt finally took me over, I gave a peek at my novel…. to no avail. Inspiration was dead. Maybe it went on a strike for a while, who knows?

I suddenly got the brilliant idea to play the piano for a bit, so I went and looked for my sheets of music I keep in my piano bench and found old songs I wrote more than 15 years ago. The ones in French were nice, of course, French is (was) my mother tongue but I got particularly hit by the ones written in English.

To give you a flavor of what my talent was when I was a teenager, I’m rewriting some of the lyrics here (and I did not correct any mistakes to make it look more authentic):

Song #1:


Street is so cold

I have been told

That here is gold

Of happiness


Mistress, my darling witch

I wanna you to switch

Off my screen

And on my skin

I wanna feel the sin

Out of your lips.


Lost is the world

Of its own pearl

That is standing just in front of me.


I close my eyes

You’re by my side

And let’s just slide

On the track of love.


Song #2:


1, 2 I love you

3, 4 Slam the door

5, 6 Kiss my lips

7, 8 Piss off my bed

9, 10 You’re my man


And that is so

Life, love and co.

I’m just fed up

Don’t lift me up

And I stay cool

I don’t see why

I will get fool

And so bye bye


You are my love

My king, my god

Just don’t leave me

Please promise me

You will love me

And for ever

You will be mine

And share my time


I can’t bear you

I’m out the ring

You have no clue

’bout my feelings

I don’t love you

I think it’s clear

So why are you

Still at home, here?


I can’t foresee

My life without

You my baby

I wanna shout

My love for you

I feel so good

You’re my reason

Of existence.


And I just wanna you to marry me

Don’t you ever imagine I’ll stay with thee

I am your slave, your little bird

I’m not foolish, what have you heard?


You’re my last chance, my future key

I want you to leave my enemy

And I just shake and shake around

What do you want? We are not bound!

And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, meinen Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs, gives you a real sense of why I became a writer.

Ah, younger version of me, I’m proud of ya! 😉


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