Note to Self (26) I need to get my s*** together

Here I am, weeping about old memories of my cat, that I lost 13 years ago. I’m such a ball of mixed feelings and emotions right now. I just keep crying, and I can’t even understand why. Nobody hurt me and I didn’t think of ugly stuff that happened in my past so why am I so sad?

I don’t know. I guess I needed this. I’m so lost between too much future happiness and the skeletons of my past. I have to let them go, so I can feel free at last but it takes time. I hate feeling this way, but these words, all of them, they’re my key to a solid healing. This is my therapy. I need this like I need to breathe. It was always supposed to be like this and I realize it now, I am the solitary girl who didn’t really fit in anywhere. A perfect tortured soul.

I’ll be ok. Chin up, wipe your eyes and smile. You’ll be fine. You’re on the right path to success. Stay strong.

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