Note to Self (18)

This is strange. I woke up today, and I felt at peace. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the same person I see every day. But inside, it just felt different. I got dressed, and put on my make up. When it was time for me to pick the jewelry I would wear, I aimed for the ring that I received from my husband for my law school graduation. I hated this ring when we separated. I even wanted to sell it. But now, I’m proud to have it on my finger.

I think I’m slowly moving on, only keeping the best memories and letting go of the rest. It doesn’t matter how angry I am. This won’t change anything. I have to just accept the fact that we’re not together anymore, and I’m happier now.

I’m pushing myself hard at work, and it pays off. My job and my selfish happiness are all what matter to me at the moment.

Oh yeah, and my cats too. They’re really cute.

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