Note to Self (12)

This city is going to kill me. I hate the Monday commute. It’s as if everybody was ready to just stomp over everybody else, cutting throats and punching faces just to move faster as if they could really save two minutes. I understand, everybody hates it so they all want to get out of here as quickly as they can. I seriously can’t take it sometimes though.

I want to go one way, the crowd forces me to another, I need space but can’t find any, and then I think – what would they all do if something tragic happened? Nothing. We would all die there like stupid jerks, pushing each other until the last breathing minute simply because that’s what we’re programmed to do. Once you’re underground, mercy is gone.

Oh well… I did it one way, now I just have to wait until tonight to do it the other way around. At least if I leave a bit later, I won’t run into the rush hour folks. They’re the worst.

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