It’s that time of the year again! Welcome to #Coffinhop @CoffinHop Day 4


Phew, I made it! I’ve been waiting for this tour for a year now! And it’s with utmost excitement that I welcome you to my blog, and encourage you to visit to see the list of all the participants.

81wNCS9WHzL._SL1500_I started my writing journey with these folks, and have grown since then… Just a little, I admit, but enough to have published two books. The first one, Stories from the Underworld, is an anthology of horror short stories. The second one, that will be released in November, is called 32 Seconds, and while using some horror elements, is a psychological YA paranormal novel. 32secondsfinalcover.jpg

Halloween is around the corner! The spooky and scary comes in many shapes and forms. To me, nothing is scarier than insanity. The world can collapse around me, and all material things can disappear, if I lose my mind, I’m done. Therefore, as a teaser for your taste buds to celebrate the release of 32 Seconds, I will focus my blog tour posts on insanity.

At the end of each post, please write a comment and tell me what scares you the most to be entered into the list of contestants to my Halloween raffle (don’t forget to put your name and email so I can get in touch with you once the tour is over)! The three lucky winners (with the scariest answers!) will each receive an autographed copy of 32 Seconds and the first prize is a $25 Amazon gift card!

Hop on! The tour has begun!


Day 4 – Phobias

Okay, this one has a ton to choose from. Agoraphobia (fear of helplessness and of leaving safe places), arachnophobia (fear of spiders), gamophobia (fear of marriage), aquaphobia (fear of water), astrophobia (fear of outerspace), thanatophobia (fear of dying), are only a few examples out of the hundreds studied by psychiatrists. Phobia (Greek origin) is a suffix in psychiatry to construct words that describe irrational, disabling fear as a mental disorder. Can you imagine how many characters you could create who would all have a specific phobia?

I love the movie Copycat (1995) starring Sigourney Weaver. who plays this serial profiler and is agoraphobic after a serial killer attacks her! Every time I hear about agoraphobia, I think of this movie. Her fear of the outside world was actually bigger than her fear of the killer. You must admit, that is some scary stuff!

Tomorrow, we write about short-term memory loss.

Happy hop!


32 Seconds by Johanna K. Pitcairn

To the average onlooker, the city of Los Angeles represents glitz, glamour, and the celebrity lifestyle. But to seventeen-year-old Julie Jones, the city is a vast host of problems she’s longing to get away from. The latest? An unfortunate disagreement with her ex-boyfriend Mark—one that could land her in some serious hot water.

So rather than face the troubles that torment her, Julie decides to run away from her old life and start fresh somewhere new. But her parents aren’t on board with the plan, and she soon finds her bank accounts frozen and her wallet empty.

With just seventy-five dollars and a full tank of gas, the troubled teen is far too stubborn to turn around and head home. So what’s a girl to do?

What Julie doesn’t know is that her travels are about to take her somewhere unexpected—a place where she’ll be forced to come face to face with the ghosts of her past in order to secure her future.

A tale of redemption, hope, and freedom lost and found, 32 Seconds is a thought-provoking exploration into the human spirit and the nature of forgiveness.


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  1. Nina D'Arcangela

    Another great post! My brother is Agoraphobic and didn’t leave his bedroom (or if forced to the bathroom – the house) from the age of 16 until her was 23!! It’s a very scary thing to watch someone suffer through. I suffer from a few phobias as well… the worst is probably Acrophobia – the loss of body control to true vertigo is terrifying!

  2. KK Ghost Writer

    I remember I did a phobias post on one of the coffinhops a couple of years ago and found this psychologist’s website that listed phobias. They numbered in the hundreds.
    One of my phobias is: bats. They freak me out.
    Another one is: swimming in a swimming pool at night. Will.Not.Do.It. – this is one that came about because one of my childhood friends drowned in her swimming pool when she was four years old. She was swimming at night and her hair got caught in the creepy-Crawley that cleaned the pool. Ever since I cannot even get into a swimming pool at night.
    – Kim

    • themanicheans

      Yeah there are tons of phobias. Anyone can be scared of anything. Your phobias are scary!! I myself am afraid of many things, but I wouldn’t consider them phobias. I try to face my fears, one at a time. 🙂

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