#TT Horrible Mood

Yes, the title says it all.

Not that I will punch people in the face. Well not really. In my head though…

So what to do when you’re so angry you could kill, but since you still have a vague understanding of right and wrong and the values society taught you when you were little, you won’t go to jail and fight other angry people for the bar of soap simply because today is just not the day? A few options: bite your nails until you have no fingers left, eat, overeat, work out and punch a bag, scream, drive in circles, cry, pet your cats, go for a long walk… I don’t know about you, but when I’m in a horrible mood, I need to laugh. And distract myself writing. Which, I wanted to do, but given all the other stuff I have to do so I can continue to get a paycheck, the writing will happen probably later. Much later.


Anyway, let’s look at the silver lining – it’s raining today, maybe it will magically appear in a rainbow.

imagesYeah, I guess my productivity will reach its peak.



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