#WW #Skyline

Always a joy to hit hump day, isn’t it? And as I go over the hump and prepare myself to experience two (maybe three) more days of ARGH!!!!!!, I also want to share this post with you.

I used to live in New York City until last November, when I decided to move out and take a leap of faith by becoming a New Jersey resident. Yes, some shook their head in disbelief, but the change was actually beneficial in many ways: I fell in love with a wonderful man (from New Jersey), I bought a house (in New Jersey), and as a consequence have slowly morphed into an anti-New Yorker. I still work in the City though, so every day I commute and spend thirty delicious minutes (each way) on the bus with tourists (because my bus line happens to service the hotel row).

And every time it’s the same reaction. No matter where these guys come from, once we drive down the I-95, follow the Hudson and hit the Manhattan skyline, they make this face:

And it’s great. What am I saying? It’s priceless. You know that’s the face that translates every feeling and emotion coursing through their body and mind – the WTF, this is amazing shit, who the eff had the brilliant idea to build a road right across from the river so we can all stare at this magnificent sight, and think Gosh I can finally check that off my bucket list  – and I can’t help but laugh (at/with them) because I felt the exact same way the first time I saw the skyline.

It’s true. But now I’m a jaded New Jersey patriot for wanting people not to look surprised and happy when they see the Manhattan skyline. I certainly don’t have that reaction anymore, so why should they? Get over it. The Giants stadium is as cool, if not cooler, especially when there’s a concert going on that night because concert = fireworks! But no, the tourists won’t make the same face, and rush to pull their iPhone to take blurry pics because the driver is too goddarn selfish to stop the bus so they can photograph every angle of the buildings, and the sky, and the line where concrete meets water, and oooooooooh! I think someone just fainted. People travel thousands of miles to see this architectural beauty so why shouldn’t I make the same face every morning/evening? It’s right there. I live right by it.

We take a lot of crap for granted. I take this skyline for granted. And I’m not proud. I should be grateful. This is the morning view:


And this is the evening view:

download (1)This is a balls to the walls amazing sight to witness every morning/evening on my commute to/from work, don’t you think? Yeah, Mr. Grumpy Cat agrees.


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