#FF Friday Fun – Selfies!

Selfies… You know the picture you take of yourself with your phone because you love yourself so much, the whole world has to know? The first few times I took a selfie – I thought, nah, I’m not good at it. I can’t just take pics of myself all day long because no one is in the room with me to hold the camera. So I’m going to make it look like someone was in the room, or a tripod emerged from my hardwood floor and bam, here’s a selfie. That exercise took hours – putting the timer, making sure I’m looking at the lens when the red light blinks, and checking a million times if that’s really the pic I want… The Kim Kardashian art of photoshopping my selfies isn’t new, it’s like autotune on a Britney Spears’s record. We’ve all done it. I know I photoshopped the crap out of my pics so much, I didn’t look the same anymore.

Over the years, cell phones have become this amazing little box full of special effects, and I don’t need to buy a real camera! Does it mean I take more pics of myself? Nah. I’m just not good at it. I have three faces: I smile, pout or try to look funny. Third option never works. So I gave up. I admire the people who take great selfies. The funny ones especially. I don’t care about the pose in the mirror, with or without a shirt, in a bikini or a banana suit. I’m talking real art in a selfie, the pic that’s gonna make me chuckle out loud when I’m surrounded by a bunch of strangers while we’re all waiting for the bus. That’s the selfie I’m looking for.

And that is tough to find. But I manage every once in a while to pull a gem from the internet treasure chest, and this makes my day. 67c2418bc8835d860eedfa17fd1afa41

LOL is it called cheating if I love animal selfies? Anyway, I hope you folks have a great weekend. Catch you next week.

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