#WW Publishing Logistics

Happy hump day!

I’m learning how to self-publish a book. Not my first try at publishing, I’ve already done it once (actually three times, but it was the same book released on Smashwords, Kindle, and then through CreateSpace), and here’s my take on it. DIY is nice, but at some point you need help from professionals to make the book stand out.

There’s no cutting corners anymore. As an indie writer, I had to invest in an editor, a cover designer, professional interior formatting and marketing. And I know, my dream and my credit card sometimes don’t get along, but the competition is fierce out there! If I don’t pull the big guns, I won’t make an impact. And this post is a reminder that when you want to publish a book, your publishing cost will start at zero if you decide to MacGyver it all, or skyrocket the more you ask for assistance from pros. FeaturedImageSelfPubCosts

Here’s an example:

Editing: $1000-$1200

Cover: $200-$500

Interior design: $200-$500

Marketing: $250-$1000

ISBNs: $300 (pack of ten so $30 each)

Library of Congress number: $25

Have I forgotten something? Okay, your book will cost you: $1705-$3255.

Cha ching! The credit card is burning. Easy to say, eff it, I’m going to go for free with Smashwords and not bother with that crap. Except, well, at some point you will bother with that crap because it’s a fact: once a book looks professional, readers are inclined to trust you more. They will know your story has been reviewed and edited, and they’re not going to stumble upon a million typos and plot inconsistencies. The cover will look so nice your book can become a coffee table display. And the interior will push people to buy the paperback? Maybe? So that they can enjoy the reading experience on real paper and not just on a tablet?

Unless you manage to get a contract with a big house, and even then your chance of selling a lot isn’t guaranteed, with a small publishing house or by yourself, you’ll have to use that credit card if you want your book to be the next sensation. And writing becomes more than just a dream. It’s an investment. You’re not a writer anymore, you’re an entrepreneur.

I know. Scary. But true. It’s so worth it though. 9158

UPDATE: my own publishing logistics forced me to reconsider Nov. 7 as my official release date for 32 Seconds. The book might not be available on that day, so now we’re looking at Dec. 5. Anyway, I’ll keep you folks appraised…



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