#MuseMonday – The Journey of a Self-Published Story

Hello friends! And happy Monday!

I’ve been absent from this platform for a few days as I was working on my novel, editing some more, formatting and mostly, reviewing, making sure my story was solid and ready to be released as planned in November.

When I started writing a few years back, I didn’t think of logistical details such as publishing a book. I just put words on a page, and wrote until a story came to life. Of course, I had dreams. I wanted to write something people would remember, a story that would speak to them, and make them feel at home. If I’ve learned one thing from having a dream, and making this dream come true, it’s discipline. Writing on a regular basis, thinking and plotting 24/7, talking with other authors and reading their work, sharing ideas and developing concepts with critique partners – the list is long and not exhaustive.

Writing a book takes time, blood sweat and tears, but the result is extremely rewarding. I am not only excited to be done with this novel, but I’m ecstatic to start the next one. As long as I have ideas, I’ll be a happy camper. My decision to self-publish is the start of a journey I’m looking forward to undertaking.

Make sure to check in often as 32 Seconds will be ready for your enjoyment!


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