#FF One Word


I read blogs and laugh, cry, smile, read more like I’m drinking your words and I love it so much, it hurts. To all the writers out there, thank you for giving me this sense of elation I need on a daily basis. You’re my spiritual foundation, my fountain of youth, my elixir, my thrill and my inspiration. Without your words, I would vomit nonsense.

Sorry for the image, I was trying to be poetic. Anyway…It’s Friday, and I’m working on releasing 32 Seconds, and re-releasing Stories From The Underworld because I want paperbacks!! Who said hard/soft cover books were dead? My shelves feel extremely lonely and I can’t fathom the sight of a bookshelf empty of books. My bookshelf (from IKEA – I love that s***) is supposed to hold books, and not all the past week mail I didn’t bother to open yet.

Therefore, I will flood you with my thoughts, and no, you won’t say “enough!” because heck, my thoughts may contain prizes. Hehe.

Hopefully the weekend treats you well. Sleep, eat, do whatever you feel like doing (just don’t kill anyone), and see you next week! Oh and one more thing:



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