#FF How to gain more exposure on social media

Happy Friday folks!

When I joined Twitter three years ago, my newbie method was simple. Retweet all day long links to my blog posts, and DM authors and people in general whom I found interesting, create some tweepships (friendships on Twitter should be called tweepships) and go from there. It took me a good six months to gather 3,000 followers, and I was like wow, I have arrived. Using apps like Tweetadder and FollowFriday or Triberr were my golden tool to market my brand and reach new followers.

Today…well a lot of things have evolved and as soon as I stopped flooding my feed with retweets, the I Likebeloved apps I used all the time disappeared and got replaced with…well that’s why I’m blogging about it now!

First and foremost, the first thing to do is blog, blog, blog, regularly, otherwise people will forget about the blog. It’s incredible, but sadly true. I lost my touch because I can’t do everything at once!! But I gotta keep up, it’s a must.

I predominantly use Facebook and Twitter – I’m not so sure about Linkedin, given my day job has nothing to do with this job, so I’ll pass on that. I paid Facebook to get more likes on my page – does it really make a difference?? No, not really. I don’t see a huge impact although I have over 2k likes – my belief is my posts are still drowning under other people’s posts, and gosh, we know there are a ton of those; so I read on another fellow blogger’s site to click the highlight button when posting on Facebook so the post doesn’t get lost in the stream of posts. I’m gonna try that and we will see right?

Triberr worked for a while and then I lost touch with it too. I haven’t checked back in. Not really sure I want to.

Instagram is the big hottie lately. I am not sure how to handle this one, given I don’t do many pics, and Instagram is more for images than words…I thought of creating a profile for my Sphynx cat and post pics of him on there just because it’s funny. Will it help my writing career? Um. Maybe. Who knows? I gotta try or I’ll never know!

Tumblr, Pinterest, Google +. Gosh, I don’t know guys. I feel like I need to hire a personal assistant to get all my social stuff taken care of. I would seriously need to tweet and post all day long – like I used to do – but when would I get my writing done???? I gotta clone myself.

Paying for Twitter followers?? Will that really make a difference? I don’t know if reaching 100k followers will launch me into a new universe. I am not checking Twitter as often as I should, so yeah, I don’t know. I gotta see where this one takes me too…

Post pics with your posts, write something interesting, get people to interact with you…Youtube is my favorite platform to this day, but I don’t have awesome content yet to really make a solid impact. I have a channel, and I posted my book trailers on there, but I am thinking of creating my own Vlog business – food for my own thoughts really. And TIME!!! Gotta find the time to do all that.

Given 32 Seconds is being released soon, I have room to experiment. So I’m gonna go all out and see where this takes me…

Until next week, have a great weekend folks!


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  1. Toi Thomas

    Yeah, it’s hard trying to figure all this out and balance everything. I know I need to improve all around. You’re got some great ideas and good following to build on. You are aware of the issue, so that means you’re on the right path. You are an inspiration to people like me, still trying to get over my inital goal hump. Keep it up. You’re doing great.

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