ALS Awareness – W/o the ice bucket challenge #donate


Julie Jones here again. Hope you folks started Wednesday off the right foot. I’m stealing the spotlight from my creator so I can blog a little bit about the ALS fundraiser. The ice bucket challenge – which has flooded (no pun intended) my social media feed – confused me a little bit at first. I kept seeing people tossing buckets filled with water and ice cubes over their head – and to be honest, I found the whole concept a bit uh hum, dumb. But…hear me out. It doesn’t matter what I think. It’s a good cause, and heck, I don’t need an ice bucket to donate money (Dad has plenty of money anyway) oh right, but we’re talking real money here…Hey creator, you’re willing to donate a little something for a good cause?

She said yes. ALRIGHT!!! And because she’s feeling generous today, she’s also gonna give a little something to the ASPCA because pets are her first love anyway. So here, two birds with one stone!!

Cha-Ching!! What I learned during my journey in the Underworld is that I can’t stay narrow-minded! And judging a book by its cover isn’t the right way to go either. Doesn’t mean I gotta jump when everyone jumps, but when the cause is right, and I can do a little something to improve by helping others, I’m all for it. Shucks, my friend Evan would be proud.

That’s it for today. If you wish to follow the lead and donate, I’m pasting the link to the ALS Association here. Have a merry hump day folks!!


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