Easy Does It – but Do It! Julie Jones has a word or two… #32Seconds

Hi folks!

So I will tentatively release 32 Seconds on November 7. Of course, this date might change – if it does change, the next date will be December 5 – my birthday, and this one shall be the final release date of this awesome novel. I’m not rushing myself, so we will see what comes first.

Other thoughts that went through my mind today – how to deal with life and all the ups and downs and unexpected events that make the writing journey a bit more perilous. I am very happy no one is pushing me with deadlines because I would be unable to meet any of them. But I still have to stick to a schedule, otherwise, nothing would be done. Time must do its work too. I’m not the type of author who follows a strict outline. My process is more organic, and changes as I change.

Now that 32 Seconds is being copy edited, I’m already thinking ahead, and preparing myself to tackle The Manicheans…I started writing this story in 2010 (yeah, speaking of deadlines…)! Lots will evolve, but the main characters have already found their spot in my heart and mind, and I cherish them like my children.

Julie Jones from 32 Seconds has decided to take on the hot seat today – to keep me focused. She thinks I won’t think of her once I start working on the next project…Here she comes. I better let her work her magic or she will nag me for the rest of the day. Enjoy!


Phew! Got here as fast as I could. Don’t want people to forget about me so I will talk and talk and talk until you know my name and who I am and what I did, and bam! Julie Jones becomes your favorite character ever. Although, it might be overkill. I should know better than to brag about myself. My awesomeness can be surpassed, I had to learn that the hard way, and yes, I am not perfect (even if I think sometimes, the world just doesn’t understand me and I am ultra-perfection reincarnated.)

Hum, if my ego tries to push more crap down your throat, you might not want to read my story, and I swear, it ends well! Alright, I’m keeping it in check then. What was the topic today?

(re-reads title of blog post)

Yes, I am a procrastinator. I am the specialist of let’s do it later if we’re too busy now, which in my book is an acceptable excuse. I am always busy. I gotta run all over the place, drive my Bubble (I call my car Bubble) all over Los Angeles and take care of business. Good business. Not the non-kosher occupation I used to love doing until my world turned upside down and I landed in a place where nothing made sense. The Underworld, my friends, was quite the journey. But I digress…

Easy does it, that’s my motto. I apply it every day – and try not to stress myself out until I hit panic mode. Because I’m great at procrastinating (I already said that), and piling up stuff until the laundry list is too long and I get overwhelmed. Discipline and structure are two words that don’t belong to my vocab, but I try, I really try. So I do what I can, when I can, and I don’t beat myself up too much (although I love to do that too). Self-confidence is the key. But arrogance is a no-no. Gotta find the middle-line, which to me is invisible, and very hard to find when I’m in a hurry, but heck. The world wasn’t made in a day. No need to worry then.

I’m sure you can relate. My friend here is doing the best she can to keep up with me, and it’s tough, I grant her that, because I’m a tough cookie. I managed to mellow out a bit though. Just a tad. She has to use patience. Lots of it. She’s a great gal. I’m very lucky to have been born in her imagination. Her mind is a bit messy at times, but always entertaining. I never get bored there.

Alright, my time is up. I don’t want to keep writing until I publish a bible, and there’s so much to say until 32 Seconds is out, so you’ll have time to get to know me…

Ciao fellas, until next time.


32 Seconds – Coming Soon!


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