Getting there, getting there!! 32 Seconds #Release

Sorrrrrrry! Haven’t been very active on this front, it’s because I was busy working on my novel 32 Seconds. And it’s getting there, slowly but surely. The copy editing will start now, which means, I can aim at a release date in the Fall. I haven’t set a day yet, but I think November will probably work. My mom asked if I could release it on her birthday, which is November 7, and I will certainly do my best to grant her wishes.

What’s new otherwise? Life’s good, very good, can’t complain. I remain inspired, and ready to tackle on the next project, The Manicheans Trilogy, Volume 1! That, my friends, promises to be epic. But first things first, I will focus on 32 Seconds and promise to release a beautiful novel, which I hope you will enjoy. I will announce here when pre-orders are available. And for the first week of the release, there will be a lot of goodies and prizes, and all that awesome stuff, so stay tuned. I know you will.

Have a happy Monday (at least as happy as it can get) and I will post again on this platform very soon.


32 Seconds

At seventeen years old, Julie Jones is one tormented teenager for whom the glam and glitz of Los Angeles don’t mean much anymore. Born troublemaker, she seeks to forget about the demons of her past by leaving her family and friends behind. Her journey to a fresh start takes her to the outskirts of a small town where an old lady lures her outside a one-dollar store, and gives her an enchanted chocolate.

After eating the magic piece of candy, Julie enters a parallel universe called the Underworld, where she meets her handsome guide, Evan. Despite her constant struggle to grasp the severity about her past deeds, and the main reason behind her ill-being, Julie keeps moving on through obstacles and challenges as Evan feeds her answers to many of her questions.

Why does Julie feel like she doesn’t belong anywhere? Why does her anger control every one of her actions? Why does she keep having visions about her best friend Kara, whom she hasn’t been in touch with for the past two years? Deep down, Julie knows she won’t find peace of mind until she accepts the truth about her anger. And why Kara keeps coming back.

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