Do it, own it, live it #WW

Happy Wednesday! Here, it’s a happy rainy day, hopefully where you are, it’s sunny and nice out. Not too cold, not too warm, you know the drill…One of these days where you don’t have to sit in an office, and can lounge and do whatever you feel like doing.

Writing was my favorite thing to do as a kid, besides building castles out of legos, and playing with my cat. I hated school. I still do. LOL I love to learn, but on my own terms. Once, I told my first grade teacher how much I admired her because I thought she knew everything there was to know about life. When she said she didn’t, I didn’t believe her. Today, I do. No one knows anything aside from what they learned by reading a book, or experienced in life. The rest is unknown. The unknown can be scary to some people. I love not knowing what comes next. The challenges of life keep me going. I learn something new every day. And every day, I realize I was better off not knowing. LOL

Being an adult sucks balls. True fact of life. I like the independence but hate the responsibilities. I haven’t found a magic trick yet to cruise through life without worrying about bills, and the job, and myself, and people I love, and crap that piles up on my plate when I expect it the least. If I worry all the time, I don’t get to enjoy my day. That’s where writing comes in. Writing helps me feel like a kid again. No worries, no responsibilities. I put words on paper and dream. It’s a really nice escape.

I get to be a superhero in my stories. I get to talk about the city I live in, and the people who annoy the heck out of me. I commit crimes, or do the next right thing, and the dream ends exactly like I want to. It’s like going on vacation without buying a plane ticket. I like my imaginary world.

Writing is my therapy. Writing is the air I breathe. Without it, I don’t know what I would do. Probably stupid stuff. Writing helped me become the person I am today.

If you’re struggling as an author, and don’t know if writing is really your thing, ask yourself that simple question: do you feel different when you don’t write, like a limb is missing? If yes, then, keep working on it. Do it, own it, live it. Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it helps improve skills, and who knows, in a few years from now, you’ll maybe publish a few novels, and gather a nice following.

Someone said no one reads anymore. Why write? Because somewhere on this planet, someone will still want to read the words you wrote. And these words can change their life. I grew up reading books that turned my world upside down, and made me want to write my own stories.

Writing is a gift. Share it and not only your life will be better, but other people’s too. I believe in the power of words. No matter how technologically advanced we are and will be decades from now, writing will always matter. When everything is gone, and all you have left is a pencil, words will still flow.

So do it. Own it. Live it. Don’t be afraid.

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