#TGIF Trip to DC and I did no writing

But got comments from my editor last night on 32 Seconds and I’m moving forward nicely. Which makes me feel really good about all the work I put in. And I’m close, very close to my goal. The trick is not to lose focus.

So I went on a business trip to DC and didn’t write. Memorial Day weekend – I didn’t write either because of work, and as much as I love the extra money, neglecting my writing makes me feel like I’m losing my mind.

And trust me I know what losing my mind feels like.

Nothing I can do about work though. I need my sleep and exercise to stay sane – that I don’t neglect under any circumstances – except tonsillectomy. But that was once.

We all have to pay our bills and my job is tough and requires I devote a lot of time to it – taking that time away from my writing. I still managed to write and edit so I must be doing something right. I wish I could write more though. My inspiration dies a little inside when I don’t practice daily.

On a positive note, I’ve reached a mindset today that allows me to juggle writing life and job without killing myself in the process. And that’s the most important thing. Without sobriety, I don’t know where I’d be. Probably stuck in some parallel universe trying to understand my true nature, like the MC in 32 Seconds.

Have a good weekend folks, hopefully next week the editing/writing will have progressed!

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