Put this one in the #freezer!

Happy Friday folks! Long weekend ahead, hopefully you can rest and enjoy yourselves (with moderation, always with moderation!). I think I’m going to start Friday posts and write on how to deal with life in a positive way – so you can take my advice and apply it during the weekend and see whether it works for you or not…

Today – how to deal with people who annoy the heck out of you?

I’m not talking long term friendships or issues with family members, although maybe my trick will work for them too, who knows, the universe works in mysterious ways. I’m referring to strangers, co-workers, people you run into once in a blue moon who manage to push your buttons with one single comment, one misplaced look, and drive you nuts for the rest of the day.

I admire people who know how to let it go. I have a tendency to get frustrated and dwell on whatever a person said to me that just didn’t sound right, and I go on and on in my little head about how this person irritated me so much, I just wish I could slap them right here and there.

The worst is when people treat me like I’m stupid. They’re usually not the sharpest tool in the shed, and they think I’m dumber than them. Gosh, when a situation like that arises, I simply want to break their neck.

Here’s my piece of advice on how to deal with suckers, and not let them ruin your entire day. Remember these people don’t have power over you until you let them disturb your inner peace. You have the control to keep them out of your thoughts. Whether you want to resent them for the rest of eternity is really up to you. I don’t like to stay angry, first I don’t look good, second it’s bad for my blood pressure, and third, I have better things to do.

Therefore, here’s a very simple thing I do whenever a sucker crosses my path: I write their name on a piece of paper, close my eyes and say “Bless you and may you find peace in your heart”, and then I stick the paper in my freezer and shut the door on it.

Well, that trick works. Trust me, I did it and gosh, the anger disappeared instantly.

If you don’t like to freeze people, you can also burn them. Or shred them. Or flush them. Or dissolve them. I must sound like a psychopath right now.

Anyhow…let me know if this technique works for you!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!



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