How #Important Are You?

Latest news! I’m typing while dealing with osteoarthritis in my left thumb so needless to say is I’m much slower on the computer now. And naturally, I’m not happy about it, because typing is my thing. Yeah. How am I going to finish my book if I can’t type?

I wondered how much resentment I could build up because of this injury. Why is this crap happening to me, a writer, when my hands and fingers are the most important set of tools I have? I could go on and on about how unfair that is. But would my rant really do anything to help?

Yes, I’m in pain. Yes, writing is now harder because not only I must think of a pretty good storyline, but I must deal with my uncooperative hand. And there are these awful few seconds where I curse, and think that type of injury is totally shitty. I’d love to vent all day about it. How many people do I know suffer from hand and wrist injuries due to typing? A whole bunch.

So…I’m not that important that I need to throw myself a pity party just because I think I deserve one. And I’m also not entitled to be horrible to other people who can still use their left thumb. 🙂

I received this quote the other day and thought I’d share it:

“How much better it is to let go of the lightness, let go of our grandiosity,

and accept the imperfections in others. We need to accept our own

imperfections too. When we do, we are better for it, and our strength and

energy can be focused on richer goals.”

If I accept the fact I’m only human, and my mind and body won’t be perfect forever, as well as accept everyone else around me won’t be perfect forever either, then my thumb injury, and any other kind of ordeal, are easier to deal with. I don’t feel like I’ve been chosen among millions to suffer more than the other. I’m not less or more important than anyone out there. My well-being matters to me, and this well-being doesn’t stop at my thumb! I’m no diva for crying out loud. Even if I thought for a few minutes after putting on the brace my writing career was over. Ridiculous.

So here I am with my thumb brace, typing with my index fingers like a five-year old on my ergonomic keyboard…And I’m excited to finish my book because my thumb injury will never replace the joy I have to write for me…and for you.

The truth is: I’ll stop writing when dead!

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