There’s a light at the end of the tunnel
Absolutely beautiful.
I didn’t see it at first
Because I was blinded by my own selfishness
Now I understand the language of the soul
And I embark on a journey to the farthest corners of my heart.
This isn’t love
This isn’t passion
This is simply me waking up
And realizing life is meant to be magical.
My freedom is not bound by any rules
Only honesty will take me where I am supposed to go.
I’m only a passenger
A wandering traveler
In a world full of joy and sadness, laughter and sorrow.
For I am one with the universe
One with my peers
And as my wings grow
I always remember the past.
Freedom means nothing without knowledge.
I am free today
Willing to be free tomorrow.
As I’m unable to predict the future
My quest must be slow, measured and peaceful.
But it’s with deep confidence
That I know I’m not alone on this journey.
And knowing this simple fact
Gives me more strength to maintain and improve my awareness.

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