Merry Xmas, Happy New year, Happy Holidays – the whole nine #holidays

Here we are. 2013 is almost over. And what a year it was. The good, the bad, the ugly, I’m trying to remember everything that happened to I can keep track of it all…It’s honestly a bit overwhelming. Here are my first, my last, my ongoing, my attempted, my failed and my succeeded (if any of that makes any sense).

My divorce is official as of March 2013. Yay me, I can get married again.

My sobriety is hitting almost a year. 351 days today.

My first short film was well received. If you have missed Trauer, here’s the link.

My first anthology of horror short stories was published in July. Stories From The Underworld marks the beginning of my journey as an indie author. And I admit, I haven’t marketed it as much as it needed, but time will come. Patience patience. The wonderful trailer is available here.

Thirty-two seconds, my first novel, is still a WIP. Attempted release date Spring 2014.

I submitted my trailer for Stories from the Underworld to the International Trailer Movie Festival and am still awaiting the results…First festival submission nonetheless.

I revamped my website. Check it at least once, it’s worth a mouse click.

I attended my first writers’ convention in Atlanta in July. What an experience.

I moved from Manhattan to New Jersey.

I adopted three Sphynx cats, which brings my total of cats to a lovely number four.

I popped my cherry with online dating. We’re all busy folks, so the internet got me by the balls now.

I met wonderful folks via online dating. And not so much potential boyfriends, but actual co-workers and great inspirations for my writing and movie-making. So the internet is allowed to get me by the balls.

I got mugged. Well nothing was taken. But that was a first.

I got into a car accident (not bad, but my car definitely took a hit).

I ate a whole lobster. No idea why I think it’s something to be proud of, but why the heck not?

I didn’t splurge on Black Friday (but I bought an awesome video camera).

I tried to buy an apartment, but this didn’t go through, so yeah, next time. Now I’m in Jersey so my need to become a homeowner has decreased a little. Just a little. Which doesn’t make sense, but who cares?

I’ve made friendships, lost them, made new ones, and I’ve celebrated several years of amazing friendships I’ve made over Twitter, and real life, so real life still wins over the internet, but not by much.

I think my sense of humor has improved a bit too.

I didn’t eat turkey for Thanksgiving but chicken, because my parents were visiting from France and they have no idea what Thanksgiving is all about.

Last but not least, I’ve grown, matured, although I’m still a kid, but heck, no one’s perfect.

So for 2014, more writing, more love, and more sharing. No grudges (at least not as many), and no hate. I do not hate. Ever.

Merry Christmas to you all, and see you next year!


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