COFFIN HOP 2013 – Let’s get started!

Hello all! And welcome to the Coffin Hop 2013!

dracbloglgWe have all been waiting for it. 78 fabulous authors are participating this year, and I encourage you to hop from blog to blog by following this link:

Now let’s get to business. I’m going to make things very simple and fun for you. Just read the next few steps to enter my fabulous Halloween extravaganza!

1) Go to this link: to watch the trailer for my anthology of horror short stories STORIES FROM THE UNDERWORLD and vote by clicking the fancy vote button on the right side. The more votes I get, the more I get a chance to be featured on the homepage of the International Trailer Movie Festival where STFU is in competition among other great book trailers (but let’s admit, mine is the best, hehe).


2) You’ve probably noticed from my website there’s an option to like my FB page. Please like it!!

3) Comment at the bottom of this post. If you don’t comment, you won’t enter my contest, and will miss the chance to win something fabulous!!!


1st : $25 Amazon gift card + a free copy of SFTU

2nd: $10 Amazon gift card + a free copy of SFTU

3rd: $5 Starbucks gift card + a free copy of SFTU

A fourth winner will be picked and will receive a free copy of SFTU.

Good luck to you all, and happy hop!!


Add Yours
  1. Jeanette Jackson

    I like the mood of the trailer and the music really matched what I was watching. I voted (#12) and I liked you Facebook page.

  2. Lori Joyce Parker

    Two days on the Coffin Hop, and I’m loving it! Around-and-around-and-around! Look at all the horrific posts and books I need to read! Pick me, and help me buy more books with that gift card!

  3. James Garcia Jr

    Hello, J. How are you? I miss NYC now!! I was there in 2011 and we were supposed to go again, but the trip got rescheduled for perhaps 2014. *sigh*
    Cool trailer. Number 14 at your service!
    Thanks for Coffin Hopping and for the giveaway opportunities.


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