Note to Self (236) Shizzle in a Popsicle, it’s Friday folks! Latest Manicheans’ news…

And Friday means I can take care of writing and working on my book trailer this weekend! Oh yeah. And also brainstorm on other ideas, because my head is full of other ideas all the time. I’m going to keep posting on this blog but forgive me if the frequency of my posts is not at its peak. I’m working on several projects, which I’m going to keep you updated about regularly, because they are all very exciting!

First, I’m finishing my second novel The Truth Within, which I might retitle Thirty-Two Seconds, but we shall see about that. For now, it’s The Truth Within. Here’s a small blurb about the story to pick your interest:

A tormented seventeen-year old is lured outside a one dollar store by an old lady who offers to read the future on one condition: the girl must eat an enchanted chocolate to learn the truth about her past, and ultimately who she really is. 

I’m not going to spoil that any further. I’ve met with several editors and one agent while I attended the RWA conference, and all have expressed interest in the story, but for now, I will polish The Truth Within and self-release it with a beautiful cover my very talented tattoo artist Beau Brady will draw. Submitting The Truth Within to traditional publishers might or might not happen. I like the freedom of self-publishing, and I’m working really hard to build and market my brand The Manicheans. My very talented graphic designer Jess is working on my new website, which will be running in October of this year. Very very excited.

I’ve done an interview with the incomparable Minnie Lahongrais @lahongrais as part of her Pink Diamond Inspirations show which will air today at Fri, @ 8 pm BST/3pm EST on #allmediaradio. You won’t want to miss it!. Please show some love!!!

Last but not least, I’m working on a book trailer for Stories From the Underworld with the help of my music composer friend Kyle Rowland, which will start playing around Halloween, perfect time to market my anthology of horror short stories and spook the heck out of y’all! If you haven’t checked Stories from the Underworld on Amazon yet, please take a peek. I’m pasting the link here.

So that’s it for now. Please keep showing the love, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Friday!

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