Book Review – Blood Zero Sky by J. Gabriel Gates

Blood Zero SkyBlood Zero Sky by J. Gabriel Gates

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blood Zero Sky. An intriguing title for an amazing novel. I found this gem completely by accident. The first chapter was enough to convince me my purchase wasn’t a mistake.

Gates’s style is clean, his prose impeccable, the plot remarkable. He gives no embellishment, no happy ending. Just a glimpse of realistic hope we can all grab onto, until we realize we hold the power to change everything, or let the world die because of greed. Some readers who reviewed the book thought the whole concept of the book – which is an hyperbol of how screwed capitalism can lead us to if pushed to an extreme – was too serious, too heavy, just too much. I loved it. I’m a capitalist at heart, and I strongly believe in capitalism. But like anything else, extremes are dangerous. Greed, profit, the loss of self for material and superficial gain will cause the destruction of every ideal the founders of this country fought for.

Gates’s characters are definitely on point. Their evolution is smooth, realistic, simply beautiful to witness. I loved this book and wished at every page it were my own.

Blood Zero Sky is the type of story you are delighted to find, because every word hits a homerun.

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