Note to Self (207) It’s a matter of life and death

I haven’t been very active on this platform and I sincerely apologize, but I have been extremely busy dealing with a few pressing projects. I’m working on the second volume of Death by Chocolate, and honestly, I wouldn’t have thought it’d be so difficult to finish this story. No idea whether it was easier to write drunk, or whether I’m stuck because this story is too complex to be finished in one night, but I’m struggling. That’s alright, I still find the time to write, and it will be done very soon. I’d expect a release this summer.

My other project The Manicheans will also become my daily routine because this one has been dormant for over two years and the first volume has been rewritten at least five times by now. It’s screaming to be published. So I’m going to tackle this project as soon as Death by Chocolate is completed.

If you haven’t had a chance to get your copy of Death by Chocolate, please visit Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The current edition is available as an e-book, but I expect to release the full copy of Death by Chocolate – Vol 1 and 2 – as one big book and you’ll get the chance to actually buy a physical copy.

I’m pasting the links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Grab a copy and leave a review! I’d really appreciate your feedback.

If you don’t know what Death by Chocolate is about, watch the trailer below! Catch you later guys!

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