#Indielicious Death By Chocolate


Oh, Sunday!! How did you like Death by Chocolate last time? This week, I’m giving you a lil bit more about Julie and her interesting encounter with a very cute boy…



“I have something else for you. It will help you find the truth.” She walked to a cabinet. I heard her rummage for something. Lovely, what else would she pull from her magic hat this time? After minutes that felt like hours, she came back with a red heart shaped box wrapped with a bow.

“For you.” She handed me the box.

“What is it?”


I untied the bow and pulled the lid. Chocolates? How long did she keep them in her cupboard? Years?

“Eat one now,” she ordered.

“I’m not hungry.” I stood but she pushed me back down and removed the lid.


I watched the expression on her face and instantly knew she wasn’t joking. Honestly, I could knock out the rest of her teeth if I tried hard enough. I even mentally prepared myself to land a jab right on her chin if she pulled a knife from her back pocket. But she wore a dress, so would she even have a back pocket? I took a deep breath.

Hitting her would cause even more problems than I already had. Was she worth the trouble? Her eyes were boring into my brain.

Fine! I’d eat the stupid thing, then go!

She stood next to me while I chewed. Well… after consideration, that tasted good, and bitter was my favorite!

I finished and glanced at her. “Ok, I’m gonna go. Thanks for the reading,” I said, but before I could hear her answer, the tiredness dropped me like a rock.


I woke up in the middle of a meadow, and didn’t recognize where I was.

What the…? Where was the Gypsy’s apartment? The old witch poisoned me, and I was dead! I knew it! Talk about a lucky day! I started pounding the ground with my fists. This had become ridiculous. My life had turned into a freaking soap opera.

I didn’t stop hitting the earth until my hands hurt. Anger coursed through my body so hard, I was shaking like a leaf. Tears streamed down my face. I cursed and screamed. Would anyone hear me? At that point, it didn’t matter. As I looked around, I saw trees on the horizon. A forest? No clue.

Where could I go? The air felt somewhat chilly. My jacket was in the car. Okay… now where was my car? Oh yeah, if I was dead, I didn’t need a car anymore. How on earth…? Something was moving in the woods. That something was coming in my direction. I squinted. That something was actually someone and that someone looked like a boy.

Okay… He ran toward me, fast. The boy opened his mouth and said something, but I didn’t understand a word. The closer he got, the more I took in the sight of him. His dark hair glistened against his olive skin. His shirtless body was tall and strong, and his muscles flexed as he ran faster, closer.

The boy yelled something. It sounded like “un”.

For a moment I forgot all about my frustration. Instead, I quickly rearranged my hair, smiled, and waved. “Hey!”

Maybe I wasn’t dead, after all, and I was just dreaming. Well, excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, but the boy in my dream looked stunning!

He reached me, and I stared into the most beautiful pair of green eyes… Squirm. Did I really squirm?

To my astonishment, he leapt like a jaguar and grabbed my arm in the process. “Run!” he yelled and pulled me off the ground like I weighed nothing.

Why did he say such a thing? I didn’t find the time to question his action because the look on his face was enough to convince me.

So, I ran too.


Check back next week for more!! And don’t forget to check the other participant’s blogs.


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