#Vlogoff A Spider, A Broom, A Rocket and A Snowflake #Soap #Week1

Welcome to the first Vlogoff!! Lots of fun in perspective for a few indie authors who aren’t afraid of getting dirty! Yep. This week’s random topic was SOAP. We could do whatever we wanted with soap. Given my inspiration was pretty limited – well in other areas it was pretty unlimited – I took a different approach about soap. Hope you like it.

If you like my video, make sure you vote for it by commenting. Also be sure to visit the other authors’ blogs, watch their videos, and comment on those if you like them better, since they likely actually knew what they were doing:
Bonnie Paulson
Krystal Dehaba
Debra Kristi
Kristina Circelli
Verity Linden

The person with the most votes by Monday wins! And the winner chooses next week’s topic. No fame or glory here. Only good old-fashioned fun. Enjoy!


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  1. Debra Kristi

    LOL! I have to mirror Krystal’s thoughts. This really is totally random. So crazy, it’s funny. Since I’m not a fan of spiders I’m also going to go with a rocket shooting out of my snowflake. What will that even look like?

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