#BookReview The Wages of Sins by Greg Sisco

The Wages of Sin (Blood Brothers, #2)The Wages of Sin by Greg Sisco

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Greg Sisco amazes me once again with his impeccable prose and his merciless sense of humor. I was so excited to read about Tyr, Locki and Thor’s tribulations, I finished the book in three sittings. Sisco doesn’t believe in sparkly vampires who also feel; his Blood Brothers are no sissies. They kill for pleasure, and rule the Earth like the superior species they were born to be. Mingling with humans for more than a bloodbath shows weakness, and is unforgivable.

Now vampires aren’t immune to making mistakes. When it comes to wanting their fifteen minutes of fame, everything becomes a game – with dangerous consequences. Humans get turned, a former girlfriend gets pregnant with a little vampire fetus and the world starts the Millennium on a bittersweet note.

I cannot wait for Volume Three to come out. Is there a word that can describe how much of a fan I am of Sisco’s work? I don’t wanna say groupie, because I don’t follow Sisco around the world… yet. 😉 Great job as always.

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