#Indielicious Death By Chocolate


Oh, Sunday!! How about a lil excerpt from Death by Chocolate to get you going, huh??

I’ll start with Chapter 1. Enjoy!


Hi. My name’s Julie, and I’m seventeen years old. Three days ago, I ran away from home. It wasn’t my first time and I’ll spare you most of the details. Anyway, since then, my life kinda turned upside down, to say the least.

I drove east, far away from the myriad of problems that filled up my existence. I didn’t really think of where I’d go and what I’d do once I left, but I didn’t care. I felt stuck in a world where I didn’t belong, and I wanted out.

My journey started on the road to Las Vegas. Despite being too young to gamble, I stayed in a cheap motel room until I’d figured out where to go next. I didn’t plan my escape very wisely. I didn’t even bring enough cash and as soon as the word was out, my parents blocked my checking account. Not enough cash, by the way, meant exactly seventy-five dollars and some spare change bulking up my wallet. Stopping by a pawn shop to sell my Cartier watch and make extra money was an option, but I decided against it. I liked my watch. And who knew, maybe I was going to need it in exchange for something much more important than a few gallons of gas?

I ate lots of junk food, but after a while I simply had enough of curly fries and onion rings, so I began stealing. Petty theft didn’t work out great, I realized. Drenched and hungry on one pouring afternoon, I ran into this old Gypsy woman outside a D­ollar Store. I considered begging to buy a bag of chips. Pa-the-tic. The Gypsy came over and told me she worked as a psychic. Picture my reaction. I rolled my eyes and told her to find another victim, but she insisted I wouldn’t have to pay for anything, and she’d get me food! She really wanted to read my future.

What the heck? I let her.


Check back next week for more!! And don’t forget to check the other participant’s blogs.


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