SPREAD THE WORD! Catch Your Death – Viral Campaign – #CYD

Have you seen Death lately? If you’re lucky enough, you can snap a shot of Death before it retires for good in the Bahamas. Last time on sight, eye witnesses reported Death was riding a bike. What will your video of Death show us?

Send us the link to your film to marketing@curiosityquills.com. The footage with the highest number of views wins a prize to hang out with Death on a white sanded beach and cocktails in hand.

No gore. No porn. No pooping, peeing, vomiting. No violence. No political, religious, racial themes either. If your video is deemed offensive for any of the aforementioned reasons or just because it’s gross and you have no shame, you will be automatically disqualified from the contest.

You’ve been warned. Now get your cameras rolling and catch you on YouTube.

wanted poster

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