#Review – Homeland

This is my new favorite show. No questions asked, Homeland kicks some serious ass. I have a lot of good shows on my to watch list, Dexter, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Revenge… Do you see a pattern here? I love drama. I feed from it. Not only do I watch these shows because they’re highly entertaining, but also, they inspire me. Funny I write fantasy and paranormal stories, but watch tons of thrillers. Well… I read fantasy, and paranormal though. I think the thrillers give me this sense of urgency I want to convey in my writing. Always on the edge, I want to drive the reader crazy, make him/her fall in love for tormented characters and crave their ultimate redemption, just like a great TV series.

I’m not into terrorism usually – shows like 24 or Sleeper Cell were alright for me to watch, but not my cup of tea. Homeland completely changed my state of mind. Claire Danes’s acting is phenomenal. The plot, the writing, the acting, the rhythm of every episode makes me go mad. I can’t say it enough, this show is so good, it makes me sick.

So check it out, even if you don’t have Showtime, the episodes are online. You won’t regret spending twelve hours straight watching the first season.

This is gold.

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