Death by Chocolate – Behind the Scenes of Chapter 8 – Wake-up Call

The ugly truth finally comes through. Our MC Julie faces Kara’s ghost and experiences her friend’s dreadful death.

In this chapter, there’s a sense of hopelessness that is constantly on Julie’s mind. She feels like she’s doomed to fail, and the only way for her to keep going is to forget and move on. She doesn’t know how to make amends. She doesn’t even want to be forgiven. If she could go back and change the past for the better, maybe she could live with herself again and be happy. But the past unfortunately cannot be changed.

The Stranger plays with Julie’s sensitivity and forces her down a darker path. He acts like a trigger to help her release the memories that have been buried for too long. Julie is relentlessly exposed to horrible realities so she can cope with what she did. But will she ever accept the consequences of her actions?

Julie needs to defeat the demons that control her existence. Read on to Chapter 9 to learn more about her past!

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