Death By Chocolate – Behind the Scenes of Ch. 7 – Nightmare Freediving

So Julie’s concerns were right! Her drink was spiked and forced her into a deep sleep, her dreams turning into a freaky nightmare.

Two things need to be pointed out:

1)     We still don’t know the role of the Stranger in Julie’s introspection. Last post, I said the Stranger was an intruder, but what kind of intruder is he? Good or evil? If good, he’s supposed to help her remember so she can survive the journey and travel back to the real world. If evil, he will force her to stay in a state of limbo forever.

2)     Whatever Julie is dreaming of, might or might not be the truth. Are her thoughts induced by the Stranger himself, or are they coming from her subconscious?

Everything has to do with what happened to Kara. And so far, a little bird tells me she didn’t meet her happy ending.

Read on to Chapter 8 to learn more… and I’ll meet you there next week!

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