Note to Self (158) #Power

Robbie Williams is one of my favorite singers. I love his spunk, and his songs, because they relate to a lot of my personal experiences.

Mostly, I admire the guy. He dealt with a lot of crap, but what didn’t kill him certainly made him stronger. I’ll never forget one of the lines he wrote in a thank you blurb on one of his CDs where he basically said:

Thanks to all who loved and supported me, but mostly, thanks to all who didn’t give a f*** about me, because without you, I wouldn’t be here today.

Well, there’s nothing more empowering than thanking the ones who hate your guts.

So, here’s my turn:

I want to thank all the readers and friends who follow me and support me, but mostly, I want to thank all the people who weren’t there in times of need, who didn’t give a f*** whether I was dead or alive, who ignored my phone calls, who discarded me from their existence like a used tissue, and who treated me like garbage. A special thanks to those who will recognize themselves in this post, because without YOU guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My blessings to all the haters. I pray for you, and hope you’ll find peace. Thanks for the love, even if you think you hate me. If I’m still of any interest to you, it means you still care. And that thought alone makes me really happy.

Do you also feel power surging through your veins like electricity? 🙂 Because I’m on fire baby!



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