Death By Chocolate – Behind the Scenes of Chapter 3 – First Bite

Heya folks!! Time flies, and Death By Chocolate is becoming tastier than ever.

So what did you think of Chapter 3 – First Bite? If you haven’t read it yet, it’s available here!

What happened to Julie in this episode? A few things…

She experiences her first flashback of her girlfriend Kara. We learn the girl was Julie’s best friend for several years until all communication stopped with the move to Los Angeles. What is the reason for the silence between the two besties? Did they argue? Did they fight over a boy? Did they realize they weren’t meant to be friends after all?

Julie doesn’t understand why Kara suddenly reappears after years of quiet, and the memories make her feel uncomfortable. But little can she focus on the past because a hefty task ahead is more urgent. Evan takes her to a chamber supposedly leading to the cave exit. Yet, one problem arises. Something is obstructing the opening to the outside world, and it’s Julie’s responsibility to defeat whatever obstacle stands in her way. In order to escape, Evan gives her a chocolate. Whatever power Julie wants, she’ll have if she thinks hard about it.

The cave – because of the omnipresent darkness – represents Julie’s journey into the narrow tunnel of her subconscious, deeper into the fibers of her brains. The light is supposed to lead her to the truth, and to the acknowledgment of many facts. Julie needs to forget about what she knows and face the demons that haunt her dreams.

But will she succeed in defeating whatever prevents her from moving forward?

Read Chapter 4 – Psychedelirious now if you’re curious to know more!!

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