Death by Chocolate #DBC – Behind the Scenes of Ch. 2 – Caved In

Whoot! Chapter 2 of Death By Chocolate is out and can be accessed here:

A little story first before tackling the heart of this post… I’m a busy writer, and like many of us out there, it’s difficult to find the time to write when everything else comes in the way. Work, errands, hobbies, family, friends… the to-do list goes on and on, and at the end of a long day, the energy to write is rare to find. I have to say I also love my sleep, so I’m not one of those who sacrifices my nights for my books.

A great option I found is to use my phone to write. And yes, I can write on anything. Keyboard or touchscreen, if an idea crosses my mind, I got to put it down. Death by Chocolate was drafted on my Blackberry Bold! I use my phone so much, it finally broke down, and today, my new writing companion awaits me for bigger adventures!

So no more excuse not to write, J. You have a phone, use it!

Now, behind the scenes of Caved In

My intent with this chapter was clear – give some background information about the MC and maintain the mysterious atmosphere from Chapter One – Boxed In.

Julie finally learns the name of her savior – Evan. He holds the power to become a living light bulb. That idea came to me because of rave parties and lasers, the way they glow in the dark especially. I wanted to give a supernatural feel to the scene while connecting the dots with Julie’s past – remember we’re traveling to the deepest parts of her subconscious. The break up with Mark is still fresh so she can relate to that relationship and find familiar feelings in an environment she cannot control anymore.

Evan plays the only stable element she must trust. But will she be able to actually rely on him?

Evan keeps telling her in Chapter One that she entered a dangerous world, yet she doesn’t see anyone or anything actually threatening her life. What seems like a remote menace becomes real with the cave monster. Evan challenges her to beat the animal and hands her a chocolate, telling her any power she wants she’ll have if she thinks hard enough about it…

So what will happen after she bites into the chocolate? Well, all is revealed in Chapter Three

Until then…. happy reading!

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