Death by Chocolate – Behind the Scenes Ch. 1 – Boxed In

The beginning of an idea blooms in a maze we can’t navigate. Merely a passenger of our own mind, the journey of a thought shows only the tip of the iceberg. We believe we know who we are, and what we’re made of, but dreams keep coming and show us darkness, fear, and the need to repent for sins committed long ago. Memories build. Sensations remain. Previous experiences protect us from future mistakes. Or do they? The more we repress the past, the more it comes back to haunt us.

I’ve been working on the concept of traveling back into the subconscious and unveiling hidden truths controlling us. The inspiration was the movie Inception. Christopher Nolan wrote a treatment about “dream stealers” and developed the idea of lucid dreaming. I sought to write a story that would explore introspection. And from there, Death by Chocolate was born.

The first chapter of this fantasy serial was released last Monday on this site. Giving you a few hints here and there to spice up your reading experience, I’ll write about each chapter as the story will unfold week by week.

So let’s start shall we?

Chapter One – Boxed In

The first chapter introduces Julie, the main character of the story. You get it right away, the girl is a conflicted seventeen year old. Very rebellious, wanting to break free from the parental unit, she’s running away from something. She’s a very strong character but her immaturity makes her question everything in life. Impulsive and short tempered, these two traits will play against her.

Her trip to the Gypsy and the bite into the chocolate is the inception of her nightmare. From the get go, she loses control and follows this strange boy who magically appears before her after she wakes up in this other world. Who is he? What does he want? Why is he helping her?

The more you’ll learn about the boy, the more you’ll understand my admiration for the movie Inception and the concept of a journey inside someone’s subconscious. But don’t get fooled: no one is implanting or stealing ideas. As Julie goes down deeper, we go down with her, and just like a dream, some things won’t make sense right away, but I left hints…

If you haven’t read the first chapter yet, you can access it here:

Happy reading, until chapter 2 (and more behind the scenes explanations…)

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