#CQ – Fallen Angels


How close are you to knowing who you truly are? We’re made of positive and negative attributes that constantly battle each other to reach a balance we’ll find only in death, because life is all about struggle.

When I read a fantasy story involving fallen angels, I always wonder why they fell in the first place. Were they mentally weak? Did they miss having a human appearance? Did they fall in love with a mortal?

The Christian and Jewish faiths developed the idea that angels could be rejected by God because they freely chose evil although they were created good beings. Their sin was unforgivable because of the irrevocable characters of their choice, not because of any defect in the infinite divine mercy.

John Milton used the Bible as inspiration for Paradise Lost. Satan is being described as the most beautiful of all angels in Heaven, but his desire to rebel against his creator stemmed from his unwillingness to serve God and his Son, therefore denying God’s authority over him as his maker.

Angels, theoretically perfect, became imperfect because of their rebellious nature. Temptation tipped the balance toward the darker side, and like Adam and Eve, Eve took a bite of the apple and led the future of mankind to a complete different outcome than originally planned by God.

Fallen angels remind me nothing’s set in stone, and every decision depends on free will and strength of character. They’re like humans except they get to live forever. They make mistakes, and experience love and heartbreaks. They can fly and battle elements and evil forces like superheroes. They’re the best of every world, if you accept their disagreement with God’s authority will never be forgotten or forgiven.

If I were to choose a fantasy character I’d like to be in another life, I’d probably choose a fallen angel, because I’d still keep an ounce of goodness in me. I wouldn’t be a creature of the night like vampires or werewolves, and I wouldn’t cast spells like a fairy or a witch. I’d be the perfect combination of a tormented, solitary and romantic soul in an eternal quest for salvation.

Would love with a human be the key to my ascension back to Heaven? Or could I opt to lose all my supernatural powers and become a mere mortal who’d die after being hit by a bus?

The idea a fallen angel finds bliss in a romantic relationship seems so hard to comprehend. How could it work? I imagine true love a bit a la Romeo and Juliet, which lasts only when short and extremely passionate. Don’t expect a happy ending like in Cinderella.

Um… so tempting. Should I risk awakening God’s wrath and wandering the world like an outcast? My decision making would be so much easier if I were an atheist.

Fallen angels bring out elements of holy and sexy – the perfect mix! – in a fantasy story. I might start praying a fallen angel comes my way just for the fun of it. At best, I get to have angel babies. At worst, it’d make for great inspiration for my stories…

No matter the religious aspect of their origin, fallen angels are modern and trendy, and I love to read stories about them because they have such intricate and tortured personalities.

I like to think fallen angels are the most accurate reflection of our own struggle between good and evil, and one John Milton’s quote summarizes it best:

“The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a heav’n of hell, a hell of heav’n.”

So what kind of fallen angel are you?


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