#Book #Review – The Zona by Nathan Yocum

The ZonaThe Zona by Nathan Yocum
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Picture the end of the world as we know it. Imagine our civilization vanished into thin air. Think of a world where the infrastructure and the government are gone. Chaos? Not so much.

A new order has arrived. The Church controls western territories that haven’t been subject to floods, pandemics, and nuclear radiations. The Zona is one of these territories. Lead is a Preacher. He knows how to spread the word of the Lord. His mission? Kill the infidels. Kill men who don’t abide by the Church’s rules anymore. The Church sends him to punish – by the blanket or the rope – a former Preacher, Terrence. But Lead can’t kill him.

Lead has now failed in his holy mission. Cruisader Eliphaz comes after Terrence and him, hunting them like animals. Lead must repent for he has sinned.

The chase forces Lead and Terrence to stick together. Lead has no faith in the Church anymore and wants a way out. That way out is called New Pueblo, a hidden town away from the Zona where life like before the apocalypse is possible.

Will Eliphaz get hold of the fugitives before they reach New Pueblo?

The Zona is a gripping and dark tale that’ll haunt your thoughts until the last chapter. Lead is a stunning character who searches for his true identity in a world where superficial dreams don’t survive.

Back to basics. Be ready to start a journey into the bowels of the human nature.

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  1. Vladimir

    Hi Johanna ! Sounds interesting. I could say that my “New Pueblo” is that old, innocent time, without cell phones, computers, bar codes… 🙂
    eh… those happy times…

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