Guest Post (16) Krystal Wade – Are You On Fire? #WomensLiteraryCafe

Today I welcome Krystal Wade!! Hello Krystal!

She gave us a big treat – an exclusive interview with her main female character starring in her epic debut Wilde’s Fire – I present to you: Katriona Wilde!

Hello Katriona! Thank you for being here with us today! It’s really an honor. I know how busy you have been riding your horse through the battlefields of Encardia…. Readers are eager to find out about your adventures, so let’s talk a bit about Wilde’s Fire to make them hungry for more, shall we?

Hey, guys! I’m so excited to be here, and I can’t wait until you read my story! I must say Krystal did a fantastic job writing it; she’s such a good listener. She understands me and truly knows how to make a character happy. *grins*

Well, Katriona, the pleasure is ours! Please tell us more about your biggest challenge in the story…

Wow, that’s a tough one. Honestly the whole event was challenging. I had what I thought to be a great life: college, a supportive family, a friend who’d been through everything with me, and then it was all torn away, right along with the sunshine. My best friend Brad was lying in a bed and dying—and I still shudder at the thought of those nasty creatures who hurt him—my sister was hopefully safe, and then someone I’d dreamed of for six years told me I was supposed to save the world using magic. Talk about having a bad day! Somehow I accepted I wasn’t crazy and set out to help save my friend, and in the process I grew closer to Arland and learned what my magical powers were. If only I’d known how to control them….

Magical powers? Wow. I wish I had magical powers too! How did you feel when you realized you had such great powers?

There wasn’t much time to dwell on them. We made a mad dash to get back to Virginia so we could find medicines to save Brad—that didn’t turn out so well either. Sigh.

Oh that’s too bad. I hope it all worked out in the end. Now I’m curious about one thing: your love story with Arland… Arland’s your boyfriend, right?

*Blushes and skips to the next question*

Really? Not even a little bit? *Katriona shakes her head* Alright, alright, I won’t push it. I understand you don’t want to spoil anything. Let’s be serious then. LOL Trying, trying… *clears throat* Do you feel living in a magical world helped you grow and become more mature?

You have no idea! I do believe being thrown into a magical world, stripped of everything I thought life to be, helped me grow up fast. Aside from school and working on my mom and step dad’s farm, I hadn’t really lived. Quite a few things were taken away from me when I entered Encardia, but even in the darkest times I found happiness, peace, love. I definitely won’t complain about that last part.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I was referring to earlier…. Okay, okay, don’t look at me that way! I promised I wouldn’t ask about your love story with Arland anymore!

If any of Encardia’s Leaders find out about our relationship, both our lives will be in danger. I try to keep “us” a secret.

Oooooh!!!! I’ll shush then. This is terrifying. What do you expect in the next book to happen to your character – will Kate become tougher, weaker?

I have no choice but to be stronger. Everything and everyone I love depend on my ability to control my power.

I understand you carry a heavy weight on your shoulders. I don’t know what I’d do if I were you. Probably run and hide in a rabbit hole! Ok, last treat for our readers. And you can’t get away this time. Is Arland your soul mate?

*Smiles* That’s an interesting question. Arland sets my soul at ease, has an ability to calm me in some of the worst situations just by being, but is he my mate? I guess it depends on your definition. I do hope when we pass out of this life and into the next one we will be together and our souls can rest in peace.

Katriona, thank you for being so open to our questions. I know it has been a tough time for you in Encardia, but I’m sure everything will work for the best.

Thank you, Johanna. Now I have to go back fighting daemons. Maybe you’ll step into Encardia and do an interview while we travel to our next destination: Willow Falls. I have to form an army, or at least that’s what the god Griandor told me.

Certainly! Good luck, Kate! And if you could give Arland my phone number, I’m always open for an interview with him too! *winks*

There’s no room for sharing, here. *winks*

Oh I see…. Not even for an interview? I’m teasing. Thank you! Bye bye!

Bye everyone!

Wilde’s Fire

“There is no pain in this death, only peace, knowing I am going to die with the one I love the most.” — Katriona Wilde

Katriona Wilde has never wondered what it would feel like to have everything she’s ever known and loved ripped away, but she is about to find out. When she inadvertently leads her sister and best friend through a portal into a world she’s dreamed of for six years, Kate finds herself faced with more than just the frightening creatures in front of her. She’s forced to accept a new truth: her entire life has been a lie, and those closest to her have betrayed her. What’s worse, she has no control over her new future, and it’s full of magic and horrors from which nightmares are made. Will Kate discover and learn to control who she really is in time to save the ones she loves, or will all be lost?

Krystal Wade is a mother of three who works fifty miles from home and writes in her “spare time”. Her debut novel Wilde’s Fire will be released in 2012. To learn more about Wilde’s Fire’s terrific author Krystal Wade, please visit her links! You won’t regret it!

Krystal’s Links:

Twitter: @KrystalWade


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  1. Rick Gualtieri

    Great interview and I dare say Ms. Wilde sounds like a fascinating person. Hopefully she doesn’t get eaten by anything nasty in Encardia.

    One little constructive critique, however. It’s difficult to follow the interview from paragraph to paragraph. Maybe add in visual cues as the speaker.


    Joe: Hi, Bob and welcome.
    Bob: thank you! It’s a pleasure to be here.

  2. Raine Thomas

    What a fun way to introduce (or, in many cases, continue the fascination with) your stories and characters, Krystal! I love reading this from Kate’s perspective. I look forward to reading the books once they’re out!

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