Guest Post (13) Alesha Escobar #SunStoppedShining


Hello all! 

Today as part of the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour,, I have the immense pleasure to welcome author Alesha Escobar on The Manicheans. 

Please check her blog for details on her giveaway, and to read more of her work. 


I still haven’t completely made up my mind as to what I’d do if the sun stopped shining. I’m the first to admit that if a post-apocalyptic situation went down, that I’d love to be like one of those badasses you see in the movies who dual wield weapons and effortlessly find food and shelter. The truth is that a chipped nail bothers me, and I don’t even want to slink out of bed if there’s no coffee around (caffeine addicts, back me up!).

Though my real world skills and experience may make me less of a heroine in such a scenario, it never stopped me from imagining “What if?” This simple question can have the writer in me spinning answers that make for great stories. Fellow writer Matthew C. Wood has done the same with his web series The Day the Sun Stopped Shining, and he’s invited us all into his world.

Welcome to our blog tour, where writers and readers of fantasy, horror, sci-fi and paranormal stories all get together and tackle one of humanity’s most pressing and intriguing questions–when will it all end? Don’t just stop at one blog, visit them all and check out the other guest posts, flash fiction, contests and interviews all centering on the theme of the End of the World.

Let’s make this a blog tour to remember!

Alesha Escobar is the author of The Tower’s Alchemist (The Gray Tower Trilogy, #1). She writes fantasy and urban fantasy to support her chocolate habit, and enjoys reading, writing, movies, and crafts. She lives in California with her husband and four children.

Please visit her blog at

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