Guest Post (10) Nora B. Peevy #Creepfest

Hello everybody!!!

Alright, alright, I know I’m late. I was supposed to post something yesterday, but other stuff came in the way and well… There was nothing I could about it. I’m gonna try to make it up to you guys by featuring an awesome horror author on The Manicheans today!!

Drumroll please! Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to present to you Nora B. Peevy!

Thank you, thank you! Nora has been kind enough to answer a few of my (silly) questions as part of the blog tour. If you haven’t checked out her work, please do, because she’s honestly to die for (literally).

1- Describe a spooky experience – if possible, it really happened to you (but you can also make something up)

I’m an admitted paranormal junkie with plenty of stories. Some of them I’ve shared on my blog. I lived on haunted Indian burial ground on the west mesa, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Strange things always happened in that apartment. I saw ghosts, items would disappear in the house that I left out, things would move on their own. More than once, the front door, which was locked at the time, opened by itself. And no one was there, but me! That startled me.

2- You’ve been given the choice to receive five hundred dollars to spend the night in an abandoned insane asylum known for being haunted. Would you do it?

Sure I would. I believe in the paranormal and would love to learn more about it.

3- What is your opinion about sparkling vampires? How would you reinvent the vampire story genre? 

I’m working on a vampire/alien short right now. That would be my contribution. I’m not a fan of sparkly vampires.

4- You’ve been given the choice to receive one thousand dollars to fight a vampire, a werewolf or a zombie. Who would you fight, with which weapon and why?  

The zombie would probably be the easiest to kill. I would fight them with the crowbar, which is a multipurpose tool.

5- Describe a horrific prank you’d do or you did to a friend. 

I haven’t. LOL Sorry.

Nora B. Peevy has a B.A. in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing from Cardinal Stritch University. She has been previously published in Deadlines: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction, Twisted Tongue, and other publications. She really wishes she worked in a bookstore in Bordertown, but she hasn’t found her way to the Fae side of things, yet. Visit her blog to learn more:

Alright, time to tackle the real creepy stuff.

Nora is hosting two giveaways. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. Her first contest is running for the first three days. The second is running for the rest of Creepfest.

Drumroll again please! Nora’s giving away one copy of Deadlines: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction with her short story, La Nuit du la Chat Noir, still available for purchase from Comet Press.


Nora’s story was inspired by the famous French black cat poster, Tournèe Du Chat Noir by Rudolph de Salis. This replica hangs in the hallway of her home on the way upstairs.Click here to read an excerpt from La Nuit du la Chat Noir.

Here’s the contest, so listen up and read carefully.

“In Nora’s story the black cat is nameless. What would you name this cat and why? Tell me in 100 words or less. The best answer wins!”

Before you answer, read the rules.

Contest Rules

1) Authors have full discretion to choose an alternate winner in the event any winner fails to claim their prize(s) within 72 hours of their name being posted or after notification of win, author’s have the right to choose an alternate winner. Anyone participating in this tour is subject to this rule.

2) I am not guaranteeing this will arrive in time for the holidays. The prize will be mailed snail mail. Please leave your email in your comment or a site address where I can contact you. If you don’t, your entry will not be accepted. If you’re worried about your email address being picked up by spammers, post it like this: youraddress at yourhost dot com.

3) This contest runs Tuesday, December 13, 2011 through Thursday, December 16, 2011 at midnight. The winner will be announced on my blog on Thursday, December 17, 2011.

4) Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be ignored. Your first answer counts, so make it a good one!
Have a creeptastic time and get hopping! Good luck! Let the contest begin!

And don’t forget, this is a blog hop! So hop away!!

I’ll catch you tomorrow with my little horror story and my own very special contest!! Ciao ciao!!

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