Book Review – Thicker than Water by Greg Sisco

Thicker Than Water (Blood Brothers)Thicker Than Water by Greg Sisco

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vampire stories are like zombie stories. They have been rehashed one way or another, recreated, done and redone to the point of causing nausea every time I even heard the word “vampire”. I expected nothing from this novel but something gripped my interest and didn’t let go. I had the opportunity to glance at the first few sentences of Chapter 1 on Greg Sisco’s website. And I loved what I saw. I immediately ordered the book on my Kindle, eager to read more of it.

Sisco’s impeccable prose transports the reader into a horrific yet inviting world. He narrates the tale of Loki, Thor and Tyr, three vampires, three blood brothers, who share everything, from hunting, robbing and killing their victims to fighting each other mercilessly. They know no fear, no sorrow, and no compassion for the human kind. They only want to feed and enjoy their eternal condition the best they can. And enjoy it they do. Yet, Tyr meets this girl, Eva, and falls for her because she’s stronger than any other human he met before. He saves her from a certain death, and promises himself to find her again. He also cuts all ties with Loki and Thor after Loki expresses his huge discontentment at Tyr’s decision to spare the six-year-old girl’s life.

Vampires aren’t supposed to fall for humans. Vampires aren’t supposed to break the code. Turning Eva into a vampire is out of the question. Tyr knows the danger of loving Eva. While he struggles to find his path, far from Loki and Thor who live solely to cause havoc on earth, he tries to understand what binds him to this girl who thirteen years later is now dying of cancer. Eva means nothing and she means everything. She’s the end and the beginning of a new life for Tyr. After reuniting with Thor and Loki in Las Vegas, he has to finally decide what to do with her before resuming his chaotic existence among his bloodthirsty brothers.

Sisco’s created a world full of wit, twisted humor and captivating imagery. He left me hungry for more and convinced me vampire tales aren’t so old fashioned after all.

A great read to recommend to any horror fan.

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