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Stories From the Underworld

New York City gives birth to some twisted nightmares. Stories from the Underworld is an anthology of horror short stories for all types of deranged minds.


Julie is lured outside a one dollar store by an old lady who offers to read the future to unravel the truth about the girl's life...required Julie eats an enchanted chocolate.

Trauer: A Short Film

When a woman faces divorce while she's having an affair, she must face the consequences of her actions.

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Happy Thursday folks. Today is 9/11 so I have no idea how many people will blog about this because the wound is still fresh... READ MORE.


"Johanna’s vision is rare and complete, her words flow seamlessly with strong connections to the characters which jump off the page and smack you in the face. She has a way of blending her words into your life that is kind of spooky, but resonates stronger than mere words should. The visualization of her world is easy, as she paints just the right amount of shadow… I have to admit that I don’t know as much as I would like to about her, but trust me, that is going to change. I am quickly becoming a fan, and in a few seconds you will too."

"In a time when it is all too easy for half-baked writing projects to proliferate online, well put together novels - or collections of short stories - are a breath of fresh air, which Johanna Pitcairn's 'Stories from the Underworld' certainly is. Each short story is written with a voice that is both expressive and easy to follow, with a deeper emotional touch that strikes from the moment you lay eyes on the Open Letter to a Kindred Spirit. In a way, you almost feel like the author is in the room there with you."
Matthew Wood, Author

"Everyone has demons and sometimes those demons take over lives. Johanna has found a way to battle her demons and take her life back from them. Her tales are mostly dark, sometimes horrific but always gripping and forceful. Each of her stories carry their own message -- sometimes it’s a message of hope; sometimes not but they all offer but a mere glimpse of the inner workings of this author’s mind. When you finally reach the last sentence in one of her stories, you’re grateful it was only fiction! "
Minnie Lahongrais,

"With a pulse of grit imagination and grit, Johanna has composed a viscerally potent collection of stories that every fan of horror and fantasy needs to get their hands on."
Kyle Rowland,