Lost in the trend: How to improve your #averagelife

Do not be average - motivationI’m on social media with moderation. My presence is not strong in terms of how much time I spend tweeting and advertising. I have a presence, which is mostly related to my roller derby and roller skating activities. My writing does not have a page besides Twitter and this site, which I’ve always used as a platform for my musings. I do not focus on one thing in particular here, I just write. Whatever comes to mind, I type it down.

I don’t hate social media, I believe it’s a great way to discover new things. I, however, am feeling a bit lost in the trends. There is so much out there, and I don’t have a content that particularly attracts a big crowd, not that attracting a big crowd is really my goal. I just wish I could focus on one thing, not be so scattered but my brain takes me many places and I follow them to express myself.

I’ve been considering working on a YouTube channel, which needs to have a focus. Even YouTube has become a business. I would talk about writing, and other things, but again, maybe it’s a waste of everyone’s time. Maybe it’s not.

Who really cares about the average life of an average person, am I right? Maybe I should use “average” as a topic for my writing. How to make life feel less average? There are way too many make-up tutorial videos out there! Maybe that’s the solution to a more exciting day-to-day routine. Glitter and lipstick: how to feel less average. Not a bad book title. I’m not an expert on make-up though. Adopt more pets. Another way to feel less average. Get a makeover. Buy stuff you don’t need at Target or Walmart, so you get more for your money and feel excessively rich. Dye your hair purple. Workout more, join a MMA gym or learn self-defense.

Average life. What makes life average anyway? By what standard do we consider a life not to be average? Does five million subscribers on YouTube make life less average? Social media gave a lot of people a false sense of success and purpose. People crave entertainment to escape their average lives. When you really think about it though, no life is really average. Every life is rich in experiences and feelings that are unique to each and every one of us out there. We should not pull ourselves down and think we are less than just because we don’t have three million followers!

Getting lost in trends is like losing your identity. It’s letting something popular overtake your opinion, your style, your personality. Social media has become this big box where many voices mesh to become one. It’s disheartening. The expression of so many people is lost because one giant wave decided what’s cool and what’s not. I’ve seen trends before social media was even a thing, and after social media became the thing, and it looks like a lot of people get depressed because their lives have nothing in common with what’s trending right now. Instagram and Facebook show us a glamorous, unrealistic lifestyle and deep down we know it’s not real, but we still want it. We still want to get out of our “average” existence, and follow that filtered ideal lifestyle that we secretly all crave because trends influenced us to crave it.

Average is only a self-made definition of a life which is pretty awesome in itself, but when compared to others, may feel inadequate. Stop comparing your life to others, and you won’t feel so out of touch with trends?

Being on social media and not falling prey to constant comparing or trend following is a fine line to walk every time you log in! We are only human. Building an identity and sticking to it take a lot of work. Best of both worlds is to become an influencer and then ha, you get to define trends!

It’s really a never-ending cycle.

So I stay away from too much social media before my brain fries and only use it when needed. I think I’ll keep venturing down the road of a YouTube channel though (just need time to make videos…).

Alright, with that said, until next time!


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