This is it #makeover

The makeover of the site is finally done. I like the change.

I’ve been sort of working on my latest story, but life sorta got in the way. It’s hard to sit quiet and focus on the writing when I can’t sit quiet for more than twenty minutes. I need a change. I always say that. I truly do though. I admire those who take the jump and give up their cushy corporate jobs to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. It takes balls. I have such dreams but now is not the time (yet) to do anything. As much as I would like to say “screw you adulting”, I have responsibilities. It’s easy to jump into the wild but sustaining that lifestyle is an entirely different playground.

So yes, I’m writing when I can. I will try to make progress today. I’ve downloaded that new app called Werdsmith and it keeps track of all my changes on the go. It’s easy to use.

Until next time…

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