Writing and Marketing – how I simply can’t pursue both #writingcomesfirst

Hi folks,

I have been out of pocket for the past few months. Life got busier, and the social media environment has changed so much over the past year that it has become a real battle to figure out which platform is more efficient for marketing purposes.

The truth of the matter is, they’re all efficient if someone spends a great majority of their time using them. Facebook is great when the content of a page attracts so many real likes that it jumps in the feed and becomes number one page to be advertised, and therefore clicked on. Instagram is amazing to showcase a brand. Twitter is awesome to run flash marketing to a wide audience. These three players are the biggest ones in the social media universe, there are obviously hundreds of tools to choose from.

I was an avid Twitter fan until my Twitter feed got so polluted with crap, and my automated TweetAdder app got disabled by Twitter, that I literally can’t spend several hours a day manually setting up tweets, or screening the feed and retweeting anyone’s content. Among other things, I would have to reset all my lists, and tweet users on these lists, with the hope that I gain lifers.

My Facebook author page is a waste of space at this point, and I’m highly considering deleting the whole thing. I can’t attract organic likes without gaining a high number of likes, and the high number of likes I have gained aren’t real, because Facebook gave them to me from clicking farms. I honestly don’t want to pay for more fake likes, because why make Facebook richer?

Instagram – I’m slowly getting used to it, and trying to brand myself there too, but it’s taking time.

It’s very difficult to balance everything, and I’ve come to the point where my love for writing is faltering because of the marketing involved in my indie writing career. I don’t want to lose my love and passion for writing because of this. I will remain an avid word lover, and crafter, but at this point, I have to take a step back and rethink my entire marketing strategy – and this will come at a point in time where my books have been finished, and published. I can’t do multiple things at once.

This blog will remain, as I still find that blogging is the best way I have to connect to people. I’ll post here again once my schedule frees up a little.

Thank you for the following, and I’ll be online soon.

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