32 Seconds Book Tour /

Johanna will be on tour with 32 Seconds and she will be available for Guest Post and Interviews!


I’ve cultivated for many years an unconditional love for mysteries and thrillers. Today, this love has taken a new turn, as I’ve discovered the world of horror, urban fantasy and science fiction. My stories take place in an urban environment, in big metropolises such as New York City or Los Angeles. My plots are fantasy driven, with science fiction elements and a hint of horror. My writing revolves around darkness and love, and includes lots of symbolism, strong character development, and epic and ominous twists. As I explore the range of duality of principles in all the ideas that inspire my stories, my characters drive the Cadillac of my wild imagination, bending the plot to shifts and turns that are all at once jaw-dropping, mind-boggling and mesmerizing.


Monday, June 1st
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